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How to Properly Walk on Metal Tile Roof Panels

Posted - 07/08/2011

Walking on any roof is quite dangerous and should only be attempted with assistance and knowledge.  When walking on metal roofing, there are several things you will need to keep in mind for your safety.  In many cases, these tiles are the only thing between you and the ground, and it only takes one wrong move to fall through.  To ensure that you always complete a trip across the roof safely, you should follow a few guidelines.


Never attempt walking on a roof, especially metal roofing, without having someone close by to offer assistance.  This could be a rope to keep you from falling, or a hand to keep you steady.  The metal tiles may be slick, particularly after rain, so you want to make sure you have shoes with an excellent grip.  When you are sure you have a steady step, make sure to walk across the joists in the roof, stepping from one beam to the next.  If you step in the middle of a tile without any support below it, you will likely bend or dent the metal.  In truly dangerous cases you could fall through.  If you follow the proper safety rules, you shouldn't have a problem.

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